Thursday, September 30, 2004

Big Up Yourself - Dot Allison (Woman Love to Dub)

Today sees yet another new feature of MMM being introduced. The name, highly unoriginal but fun to say, "Big Up Yourself," will be a regular segment where I will get on the cyber soapbox and tell everyone why a certain artist or group deserves some respect.

I am starting the segment with an old standard of mine that my closest friends will probably not be surprised by - Scottish indie chanteuse Dot Allison. Ms. Allison has a serious sensible musical resume. She made her debut as the singer of the blissed out One Dove, whose one album, 1993's Morning Dove White, is a sexy hunk of understated ethereal dub pop produced by Andrew Weatheall (who certainly deserves his own BUY for his work producing Primal Scream, his own bands Sabres of Paradise and Two Lone Swordsmen, and for being a badass, tattooed DJ).

Since the breakup of One Dove, Dot has released two excellent albums, 1999's Afterglow and 2002's We are Science. Afterglow, as the name might suggest, is a fairly logical progression from her work with One Dove - a bit of an end of the night album that has moments of lush orchestration, and of course, a bit of dub. Some serious collaborators on Afterglow, like Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine (and now in Primal Scream), Mani the bassist from the Stone Roses and Primal Scream, and the guys from Death in Vegas - Richard Fearless (her then boyfriend) and Tim Holmes. We are Science is quite a bit edgier, with a very cool electro sound mixed with hints straight up rock("Strung Out" is a seriously underrated indie-rock tune). WAS also has studs involved in the process, as much of it was produced by Keith Tenniswood (the other half of Two Lone Swordsmen with Weatherall), and collaborations from Weatherall and Death in Vegas.

Dot has also done a bunch of guest vocals with Death in Vegas, and Slam (fellow Scots and techno badasses). Over the last year or so, she has been the touring female vocalist with Massive Attack, and apparently will be singing on their next album.

I recently read she is the current squeeze of former Libertine Pete Doherty. Absolutely tragic on a variety of levels: a) How sad that her and Richard Fearless, one of my favorite couples, have broken up, b) Pete Doherty is a junkie idiot who I am tired of reading about in music news, and c) If she had to break up with Richard, how was I not picked as his replacement?

Essential Dot Allison tunes: "Fallen" by One Dove, "Strung Out" by Dot Allison, "Dirge" by Death in Vegas, and "Visions" by Slam (Ewan Pearson Remix)


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous bvllets said...

Dot Allison - Substance is another keeper..

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Phil said...

I agree. Plenty of good songs on it - when I go back and listen to it now, I am struck by what a great single "Strung Out" could have been. I tend to like everything she has worked on. Why she doesn't get more buzz baffles me...

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