Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Black Rebels and Strippers

I read recently on NME that drummer Nick Jago has left Black Rebel Motorcycle Club after a spat with Peter Hayes the guitarist. All I can say is thank Yahweh! I really like the BRMC and think they have a lot of great songs, but every time I have seen them with Jago and when I listen to them, all I can hear is his completely crap drumming skills. Not much rhythm, not many chops, and clumsy fills. From what I have been told by girls, he is the dreamy guy in the band (untalented drummers don't seem so dreamy to me) and perhaps they will lose a few of the girls in the front of their shows because of his departure, but that is fine by me. When he was having visa problems a while back, Pete Salisbury, formerly of (The) Verve, filled in and it made a big difference having someone that badass hitting the pagan skins for them. He would make a great permanent replacement, unless (The) Verve come to their collective senses, realize that they are the ultimate example of the sum of the parts being far greater and all that, and make another stab.

I need to moan about one thing quickly...I went to a friend's bachelor party this weekend. I am sure it is not difficult to figure out where we ended up after the groom to be was properly liquored up. I am not too big on adult cabarets and that whole thing, but what really irked me about the experience this weekend is how the music is such crap at strip clubs. What happened to the days when live jazz bands played for the girls and Lenny Bruce honed his skills between dancers? I didn't bother buying any lap dances that night except for one for the bachelor (though it was his third in a row with the same girl, which can be attributed to the girl being shrewd enough to not leave and my friend being too inebriated to notice) but if you put some Goldfrapp or Pulp's "This is Hardcore" (the anonymous person who posted their own rider deserves credit for that song as a stripping soundtrack), I would be dishing out the sawbucks. The question is whether the Lower East Side could economically sustain a Suicide Girls-type sensible adult club where both the clientele and the dancers are, you know, bloggers and fans of DFA Records types?


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