Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A Couple Choons

I have recently gotten my hands on a few songs worth noting:

Kelis - "Milkshake" (X-Press 2 mix): Everyone knows the original. X-Press 2 are longstanding studs of house ("Lazy" with David Byrne is simply a perfect house pop song), with occassional forays into main room techno ("Smoke Machine"). This reworking of Kelis' track is definately more techno than house, but is not as far removed from the original as you might think. In fact, by beefing up the track on the rhytm side but not doing too much work on the melody makes you realize how tech-ed out the original version of "Milkshake" actually is. This version bangs but doesn't go too far over the top with breakdowns and explosions and could serve as a good building track in a set.

Barry Adamson & Jarvis Cocker - "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Pelvis": If I was going to form a super group, JC, the leader singer and all around brains and body of Pulp, would be my pick for the singer. Frontmen like Mr. Cocker should be taken very seriously indeed, so it is not a surprise that other bands and artists have recruited the man to work on their stuff. I found this song recently on a recent Soulseek binge. The song is from 1996, just after Different Class came out. It's quite a catchy number; it sounds like a Primal Scream song from the early 90s, with a stompin poppy acid house beat, like "Rocks," a chorus background, and some ® Cocker crooning ("I enter a room and all the girls say"C'mon Jarv, can I be the first?") Classic...


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