Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Including but not limited to...

I don't read nearly enough blogs to be prepared to become a blogger. I have a good friend who blogs about music and a law professor who seemed to live by the blog, but that is probably not sufficient to be ready to blog. But as one to face almost everything in life a touch underprepared, and because I have something due at work today, (despite having just began my professional career, I have a feeling many of my academic tendencies will find their way into my M.O.), I have decided to start my own blog - welcome to Mega Mega Mega.

As the most common currency among my friends and loved ones is music, and to a lesser extent film, those will probably be the most common things I blog about. Other things might creep in - as I have a feeling I might not follow any rules that I set up nearly as effectively as the One Louder crew has so far (check out http://onelouder.blogspot.com for a proper blog on music - they say they write about NY too but really never outside of framing what swank venue or sensible record store they have recently visited).

That should be enough of an opening statement. Blog is a wretched verb; I have only used it so far sarcastically in case you can't tell (it's hard to see the tounge in my cheek when I type) and I will try not to use it again.


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