Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Best song to...

Its time for another posting that may (and hopefully) will evolve into an interactive discussion. I have come up with a few random situation and give my .02 as to what song I would choose - some have been discussed before, some should be novel. I think I have been inspired by the impending baseball playoffs to some degree:

1) Song choice for coming up to bat: Method Man - "Release Yo Delf" (Prodigy Remix)
Honorable mention: When Derek Bell came out to "Big Pimpin" by Jay-Z - that was excellent (though I imagine many guys in baseball around the league chose that track)

2) My song if I was a closer: Chemical Brothers - "Elektrobank" (just the part near the end starting with just the snare drum that builds up through the part where the song turns into a wall of evil)

3) Song that would play at the end of my comedy special right after I drop the mic, wave to the crowd, and strut off the stage: Underworld - "Bruce Lee"

4) Song that would play after whatever sports franchise I own or am playing for wins the league title: The Stone Roses - "What the World is Waiting For"

5) Song that should soundtrack the highlights shown at the end of a playoffs while the credits role on top: South - "Paint the Silence" (its got some big moments and some emotion to show the dejection on the faces of the losers and its the best single of the last six months!)

Any ideas for other categories or personal choices on these???


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i struggled with the sports questions, but here goes:

for coming to bat - "get ur freak on" (missy elliott). i fear that this one is already in use?

for closing - "blue monday" (new order). the music speaks for itself.

for the comedy club - "cars" (gary numan). i'm not sure i understand this question either. what types of songs are usually played at the end of comedy club sets? something quirky?

for winning the league - "movin' on up" (primal scream). party times.

for playoff highlights - "bar italia" (pulp). it seems like an odd choice, but the song has a pensive quality that is appropriate. the lyrics ("next week, same place, same time") also highlight the often cyclical yet futile nature of sports.

new categories:

for passing the bar - "i am the resurrection" (the stone roses).

for failing the bar - "these things take time" (the smiths).

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry. last post by yours truly, e.g.

At 4:05 PM, Blogger dave said...

there was a time in 2002 where Paint the Silence was indeed the best single of the past 6 months.

But more importantly, it soundtracked the most climactic of ferris wheel smooches on the O.C.

Hopefully the jacked up ASCAP royalties will give them enough money for a new record b/c they didn't sell too many copies of the last one.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger dave said...

oh yeah....my closer song: "Stranglehold" by the Nuge.


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