Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Where you can sleep tight, dream right...

On Thursday morning, shortly before 12, I was on the phone with Rajeev (co-puba of One Louder and all around sound bloke). Rajeev knows about every event before everyone else - I think one of the weekly email lists he is on actually channels the information for events before they are officially announced. So Rajeev knew that at 12, tickets were going on sale for a "secret show" from NYC's favorite gang of nattily dressed, Cardozo-shaggers. I didn't have Interpol's new album Antics yet, but really enjoying Turn On the Bright Lights, and having liked what I heard from the new album this summer at the Curiosa tour, and all of that coupled with not wanting to see them at the Hammerstein in November made buying tickets a no-brainer. In the meantime, I got ready for the show by familiarizing myself with Antics, which I have to say is a very solid record. That sounds like a half-hearted vote of confidence but shouldn't be taken as such. A band that can put out 2 very good albums, in my younger days, would probably have elicited some zeal out of me, but as I get older (and that sounds so sad), I find my love of new music, while often being recognizable even more quickly than before as good music, ends up being a bit tempered. I don't fall in love with new bands, I really like them, but that isn't a bad thing necessarily because I also find my taste in music far more varied than it used to be - there are tons more records getting love from me, just less love.

Enough rambling, on to the show. Interpol played a short but sweet set. Clocking in at a little over an hour, these guys are are excellent musicians - they play like fast car that corners well. What helped the experience was that the sound at the Bowery was even better than ever and the whole band was super crisp. The lights were extremely heavy, drowning the crowd from behind the band, so for the whole show all you could see were silhouettes.

A smattering of tunes from both albums, my personal highlights were "Length of Love" and "Slow Hands" from the new album, and "PDA," "NYC," "Hands Away" (nb: my first thought on this song was that it was called "Assface" and then "Airspace") and "Roland" (my jam on the first album) from Turn on the Bright Lights. They were supposed to play "Stella" as a second encore but it never materialized. A satisfying, very good show, nonetheless.


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