Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Choon of the Week - Annie "Chewing Gum"

While I am certainly not the first person have fallen in love with "Chewing Gum" and this selection isn't particularly original, as it is already a front runner for single of the year, respect must be given.

Annie is a cute Nowegian girl that has everything in place to ascend to the throne of indie music's next pop queen. She makes super sweet "pop" music; comparisons to Kylie, the other pop queen that all anti-top 40 people love, are inevitable (even on the bio on her website, she is calling out Kylie to hand over the crown). Clearly with one eye to making pop music and another to maintaining a sensible reputation, Annie is on independent record label 679 and she spins records in her spare time, having recently played MMM's favorite Monday party in London, Trash, not long back. Annie's debut album, Anniemal, has collaborations with stud producers Royksopp and Richard X (a bit of a "pop" producer whoose X-Factor album is quite good - especially because it has Jarvis singing!), who produced "Chewing Gum."

To call this song infectious is a bit of an understatement. The gooey electro stutter hooks and her sultry taunts makes for, simply put, extremely fun and irresistible music. The lyrics are a clever shitzophrenic conversation she has with herself about the parallels between chewing gum and men. The whole feel behind this song is very self-aware; Annie and Richard are clearly winking at us with this one, knowing full well that it takes just as much skill to make a great pop song as to be an ambitious innovator of the avant garde.

Girls like Kylie and Annie (and even Madge before she tried to channel the spirit of Brittney) are a rare breed. Their songs are equally pleasing to an 8 year old suburban girl or a Boho B-berg hipster - the true sign of "pop" music.

Check out Annie's website where you can see the video and learn all about her rather fascinating story:


NB: if you dig this, check out the Sugababes "Hole in the Head" - they are an English All Saints/Destiny's Child type group which of course is not normally my thing, but when I lived in England last year this song was everywhere and it has the safe addictive ingredient as "Chewing Gum"


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