Monday, November 01, 2004

Choon of the Week - LCD Soundsystem "Movement"

This week's choon, by everyone's favorite NYC music figure James Murphy, goes conveniently well with my write-up of the weekend (coming later).

When not paying the bills as a producer, Murphy's night gig is the LCD Soundsystem. Its hard to say whether the LCD approach, which has so far involved letting super-hyped singles trickle out every several months before their full length debut album finally comes out in January, will effectively build anticipation around the album or be too protactred a tease to strike while the iron was warming up with "Losing My Edge" and "Yeah."

To satiate those of us jonesing for more Murphy, another LCD single, "Movement," has been released. Like everything that has preceded it, "Movement" rocks. As opposed to the epic length and nature of "Losing My Edge" and "Yeah," this track seems much more like the other LCD single, "Give it Up" - a short, peppy, straight up single. A building hand-clapping, shot of spastic electro, a lot gets squeezed into its 3 minutes. "Movement" is a little fuzzy banger that surely grab hold and give one more taste before the full length gets dropped.

Of course, like everything else by this sensible band, it is only available on the sensible medium of vinyl, or through the sensible method of copyright infringement of file sharing...

ADDENDUM: One Louder has a link to the video for the track here


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