Monday, November 15, 2004

Choon of the Week - Super Furry Animals "The Man Don't Give a Fuck" (Live From London's Hammersmith)

Like many bands, The Furries close every show with their biggest, meanest track (the first that comes to the mind is the Chemical Brothers dropping "The Private Psychedelic Reel") - "The Man Don't Give A Fuck" - a song that would be cool as hell with a name like that even if it sucked, which of course it does not. For those of you who have ever seen the Furries live, you are well aware that the live version of this "The Man..." is an unbelievable sprawling, monster of a track.

It opens with a prologue of the late comedian Bill Hicks ranting about the government, which ends with his line "all governments are liars and murders" looping over and over. The first five minutes play out like the original recording, with the quiet, creepy verse leading into a massive fist pumping classic rock hook under the mantra "you know they don't give a fuck about anybody else." What should also be noted about the live version of the song is the excellent visuals that accompany: early Soviet footage of what appears to be Lenin working up a crowd, cut against Soviet officers that have been edited to actually look like they are mouthing out the words to the song. Very clever video editing.

At the five minute mark, the band leaves the stage, except for keyboardist Cian, who proceeds to lead the audience into a 15 minute Super Furry electronic freak out. This segment weaves through a smattering of all kinds of electronic music, including chunks of techno/acid, breakbeats, and IDM (meaning really wonky sounds that are not particularly classifiable, so they go in the catch-all), while throwing mutated samples of the vocals from the first part of the song back into the mix. During this part, as many SFA fans have as much of an appreciation for dancing to beats as they do for Beach Boys-influenced rock, the crowd get caught up in Cian's unrelentless assault and break into dance. After about 20 minutes of the electronic madness, which averages about an 8 on the Banging Scale (which is about as hard as it can get before your head hurts), the rest of the band returns and picks up where they had left off in their scathing, rock and roll criticism of The Man.

Now, the reason the live version of "The Man..." gets the honor of the weekly write-up is because the Furries, being a band that is exceptionally considerate, have released a live recording of the song as a single to accompany their greatest hits collection that just came out, Songbook Vol. 1, The Singles.

A quick bone to pick: For all Americans, the only way to get this track is either by buying the pricey (and hard to find) import single or getting all P2P, which is difficult as well because many of the versions of this song out there are just bootleg show recordings. I understand that because of the way music licensing works worldwide, certain things are available in certain parts of the world and all that. But I can't get my head around the fact that on iTunes, I can buy certain music in the UK store (if I have a UK bank account) but if I click on the US store, they have a very different selection. If I was a UK member of iTunes, I would be able to buy the 20+ minute version of the song for 80 pence, but as I am without a UK mailing address, I am stuck with like three SFA songs available. Fuck The Man and the evils of Intellectual Property.


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