Monday, November 22, 2004

Choon of the Week - X-wife "Eno"

X-Wife has a bunch going for them. They make excellent edgy, 80s influenced electro-rock - a sound that has elements you can identify from somewhere but a novel cohesive whole. They are from the city of Oporto in the north of Portugal, though they sing in English (and Joao's voice, perhaps influenced by 6 years in London has a hint of a British accent - of course most indie rock bands sound like they are from England). They also play the part of confident indie rock stars on stage, striking poses charged with Iberian cool (bassist Fernando is clear winner on rock posing front). And while there is no live drummer, X-Wife manages to bang out rhythms on archaic 80s drum machines further adding to the overall unique experience.

On their debut album (only available at Other Music and at shows), Feeding the Machine, the stand out track is this week's choon, "Eno." While the rest of the album has frenetic 4/4 rhythms, "Eno" stands out by sitting back in the groove of a 16th note disco rhythm. Throw some catchy guitars and keyboards into the mix and you have a perfect indie-dance song that can be sandwiched between "Girls and Boys" and "Common People."

Look how accomodating we are at MMM - Here is a link to the MP3 of "Eno"
If you want to check X-Wife out live (which I highly recommend), they have one more show in NYC this week - Wednesday at Pianos at 7:30.


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