Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Liberty Belle is ringing out across the sea...

I have tried quite hard to keep this a fairly apolitical blog, though I have yet to meet a fan of disco-punk who votes on the right (however, I knew a girl at Yale that was a republican van of trance who danced like a robot if you threw on Oakenfold). MMM is quite embarrassed about last night right now more than anything. Re-electing Dubya feels a bit like going to the prom with the ugliest, fattest, yet most obnoxious girl in school.

To try to ameliorate the effects of Dubya's 8 year reign of terror, this morning's extremely slow commute out of New York to the Garden State required some appropriate music - something with a little political bite, a bit of a sense of humor and some hooks: the Super Furry Animals and their anti-Bush masterpiece Phantom Power.

When the miserable lessons that should have been learned from 9/11 and Iraq are articulated with the innocent bounciness of "Liberty Belle" and the glammy stomps of "Out of Control," a little solace can be taken in the fact that such great art is created in response to such wretched leadership.


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