Thursday, December 09, 2004


This summer, while traveling through Spain trying to recover from the New York and New Jersey bar exams, I discovered a store called Kukuxumusu (which means kiss of the flea in the Euskadi - the language of the Basque region) . The store sells all kinds clothing and other stuff that carry their hilarious yet often extreme inappropriate illustrations, which contain plenty of sex, drugs and violence, but all in very lighthearted ways. A touch disturbing that in Spain, children's clothing would have pot leaves and other stuff that would make Senator Lieberman flip out.

According to their website's bio, the guys started making these shirts for the San Fermin festival (the running of the bulls) because they needed beer money and the shirts that had been made so far wern't that interesting - their San Fermin shirts usually have some variation on the themse of the bulls being the regular people and humans being the crazed animals that have been unleashed (here is a great example).

Another personal favorite shirt of theirs is this history of music, however, it might not look that great on the website (the best are the ska and techno/dance sheep).

Their website is here - worth a look.


At 1:37 PM, Blogger Emily said...

you are the techno sheep.


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