Monday, December 20, 2004

"You know, every homecoming party has a queen...well this one has 4!"

The words of Jake Shears at Sunday night's fabulous Scissor Sisters gig at Hammerstein Ballroom (which according to Ana Matronic - the female member of the Sisters - is owned by the Moonies).

I saw the Scissor Sisters for the first time this summer at the Benicassim Festival (which will figure prominently in year end write up). Despite knowing very little by them at the time, they were electrifying - the Spaniards went mad for the campiness (not a surprise if you have been to Barcelona). This time around, they were as impressive, especially so when considering they were battling the cavernous Hammerstein box. The size didn't stop them from turning the place into a mad for it gay disco. Their big singles, "Comfortably Numb," "Laura," and "Take Your Mama" (which was during the encore) went off as among the big numbers from the night, in particular "Comfortably Numb." They followed it up with "Filthy Gorgeous," which actually kept the tremendous energy flowing. The show ended with a rediculous, over the top "Music is the Victim," complete with topless girls wearing pasties, and a variety of other dancers in all kinds of crazy get ups . Their torch song meets dub showtune version of "Take Me Out" was interesting but not something I would listen to more than a couple times.

Shears, the co lead singer with Ana Matronic, is a great performer. He takes all of the song and dance talent of a top Broadway performer but uses it to put on something completely dirty, unrepressed and fun. Matronic talked a bit too much during the mic breaks but it was interesting to learn she worked at a law firm in midtown a year ago.

The energy in the room was really astounding for the Hammerstein. The crowd, as expected, looked like it had been bussed in from Chelsea. I was half expecting to see the fab five in the VIP section.

There was a warm up dj between the sets that kept the disco vibe flowing. The Ewan Pearson remix of Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine," Moloko "Sing it Back," a mash up of Missy and the Cure, and of course Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" created a fun between set energy.

A quick word about the openers, Vhs or Beta. Didn't know them at all before last night but they were not bad at all. Very similar to The Rapture and The Cure (vocalist had a seriousRobert Smith thing going on, depite looking like James Iha, well at least from the back of the floor of the Hammerstein). Not a particularly original sound, but very listenable songs - curious to hear them. Apparently their album is going to come out on Astralwerks.


At 2:45 PM, Blogger dave said...

VHS or Beta are from Lexington, KY. Their second album, Night on Fire, came out earlier this year, and is very Daft Punk. Despite what PFork would have you believe, it's not half bad.

The Scissor Sisters show sounds pretty similar to the on at Irving this past September, which is to say, awesome. The pre-show DJ at Irving was great too....Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Murder on the Dancefloor" completely brought the house down.

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