Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Norman Cook's mobile disco, the Jane's Addiction of hip-hop and some other fodder...

Blogs are for passing on links to other shit. In the vein of the great Can't Stop the Bleeding , here is just some interesting material.


Why it pays to play for Real Madrid. Ronaldo, the great gap-toothed soccer stud is going to have Fatboy Slim serve as selector for his upcoming nuptual. Norman would make a great wedding DJ no doubt, but I am sure he is going to take a mint from the Brazilian striker.


Some very funny playlists and commentary from !!!
Note the antipathy from at least a small portion of the band towards playing "Blue Monday" to Polish cokeheads and drunken hipsters.
One of the guys in the group also makes the interesting comparison between LA in the 80s and the current state of hip-hop. 50 Cent came along, much like G'n'R and by being so much more badass than the rest of the scene, the scene was killed - as for Outkast, they are the Jane's Addiction of hip-hop. To add to this demented model, I would then have to say "Hey Ya" is "Jane Says" and the banging "Bombs Over Baghdad" is the hip-hop answer to the banging "Ocean Size."


Record label Poptones has a ton of cool interviews on their website, dubbed "Questions of Doom" - you can read about Dot Allison's Ipod, Cult singer (the band that brought you the Goth anthem and nominee for best song of the 80s"She Sells Sanctuary") Ian Astbury's feelings on Primal Scream, and Tony Wilson talking about the grime "crew" Raw-T that he has signed. Also included: Mike Patton, Alan McGee, Alex Kapranos, producer John Leckie, and many others.


Finally, from the gossip page of the IMDB, the directors of Open Water, Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, ran from the beaches of Phuket when the Tsunami hit last week. Something sort of ironic about a pair of filmmakers who made a reality-styled film about man against nature then facing an analogous situation in real life.
(On a related note, my top 10 films will be ready soon - had to wait until end of the year to make sure I saw everything I should - but of course I haven't yet)


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