Thursday, February 24, 2005

Choon of the Week: Jay-Z "Threat"

Jay-Z inspires strong feelings: most I know love him yet a few of my friends who are hip-hop stalwarts think he is a cocky punk (which, of course he is). "99 Problems" was the clear choice off of The Black Album and was one of my favorite tracks of last year. However, I need to be so sin-ser - "Threat" has been getting increased spins as of late.

In broad strokes, "Threat" has plenty of ace qualities: a sense of humor, a sly self-confidence (bravado if you will), and a slick piano/strings hook. Cedric the Entertainer provides the over the top colloquy about making threats that opens the track and segues between the verses - jeez, this stuff is up there with the Wu-Tang intro to "Method Man" in terms of tough guy hyperbole (but you know I love it)! Mr. Z, in sharp contrast to imminently combusting Ced, delivers his threats with such relaxed sharpness, the evil words just sneak up on you. You can check all of the lyrics for the song here, but can you beat lines like:

a) "It's a match made in heaven when I [blaow] 'splay the 7/Put you on the nigga news, UPN at (according to the lyric link, though it sounds like 'and' to me) 11"

b) "I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again"

Now that's just hard-core...but at least Hova's delivering it.


At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Basura Polo said...

oh mega, mega, mega, when will you ever learn? all i can say is that i hope i am included in the aforementioned hip hop stalwart category.

to quote another hip hop stalwart.... "you must learn." clearly, the lyrical beatdowns i handed you during the summer of 03 haven't taught you much. my somewhat delayed answer to your question is... YES!!! YES, YES, YES you CAN beat lines like these.... very easily. i will deal with these two sloppy assemblages of words in turn:

1) "It's a match made in heaven when I [blaow] 'splay the 7/Put you on the nigga news, UPN at (according to the lyric link, though it sounds like 'and' to me) 11"

WOW, a rapper talking about killing someone and making their death a news headline. how fucking original. sorry, but i cant shake this notion that this has been done before (See, every fucking rap album i own). See, e.g. ....

Xzibit (Bitch Please):
I'm tha head nigga in charge, I'm watching you move
Ya found dead in yo garage, wit 10 o'clock news...coverage

or, if i need to appeal to more commercial sensibilities...

Master P (Bullets Got No Name):
So when you hear that f**kin rata-tat-tat-tat,
You better duck or lose your shoe,
or watch your mama sing the blues
you be the next motherf**ker on the 10 O'clock news.

2) "I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again"

Ahhhh. some more gangster shit. just what i needed. also, this concept is particularly original... he's planning on killing you, then killing himself, but then, after that... hes going to kill you a second time. haha. thats funny because dead ppl cant kill other ppl.

unfortunately, this concept has also been addressed (MUCH more eloquently) by numerous rappers... i steer you to two lines from a verse that is truly "hard-core."

Royce Da 5'9 - Bad Meets Evil -

"The disaster wit dreds
I'm Bad enough to commit suicide and survive long enough
To kill my soul after I'm dead..."

"Piss on the flag and burn it, murder you,
then come to your funeral service lobby, and strangle your body to confirm it"

hmmm.... its almost as if Hov took these two great lines, combined them, and created one incredibly... mediocre line. wow thats talent!

yeah dog, hov's definitely bringin somethin...i just dont want nothin to do with it.

Basura Polo. OUT.

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