Monday, February 21, 2005

Karl Hyde is a Stylus reader

A quick note - checked out the Underworldlive daily photo/diary entry. Each day, there is a link to something that presumably Karl finds interesting. Today, he put a link to a Stylus review of Max de Wardener. Also learned that he just took in the Joseph Beuys exhibit at the Tate. Finally, and most importantly to UW fans, "r (Rick Smith) burns the oil of many mid nights (sic) mixing&writing" - this should be a good sign for fans, but this has been going on for a while. My personal hope is that they get something out by summer time and hit the festival circuit.

Advice to R and K: I hear Benicassim, Spain is lovely in early August.

We have the day off of work thanks to the holiday but I actually have to be productive so this may or many not be all I have to say today.


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