Friday, April 01, 2005

Graham Coxon + LCD Soundsystem + Headman + Ride = a potentially tiring weekend

I am going to at least a couple of shows this weekend. First, Graham Coxon, former dour guitarist of Blur, is playing solo at the Bowery Ballroom tonight. "Coffee and TV" is a great song (one of the few Blur tracks he sings), so if that is any indication, it should be a fun night, but I am going in with low expectations - Peephole is the impetus behind me going. The 22-20s are opening and all I know about them is Jason "Poppy" Pierce - leader of beloved Spiritualized - remixed a song of theirs, so they must be doing something sort of right. Will try to get there in time for them.

Saturday night could be big: LCD Soundsystem at the Bowery (I'll be there all weekend). LCD live is an excellent show, and my previous experiences with them was before I knew the album. The late half of the night might be at the Tribeca Grand Hotel where Headman is spinning. I know a few tracks (including a quality remix of Annie's "Chewing Gum") - at the moment I don't have much to say about it other than it's funky and off-kilter. My brain is a little slow this morning.

Finally, just learned that Mark Gardener of Ride is playing the Shout party at Bar 13 on Sunday night. I am a late convert to the blissful shoegaze of Ride - though you can read a little about them here. He apparently does play some Ride stuff live during his solo shows. If I am feeling up to it, to see him for free would be worth it.


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