Thursday, May 12, 2005

News bits

MMM has become less of a news source - only deeper, more thorough writings is the MO here (that's what I tell myself to justify the big gaps in posts)! But when the exciting, personal bits of news come around, I love to share:

1) Goldfrapp's new album has a name and a lead single! It's called, Ooh La La (very Goldfrappian) and it comes out on August 22 in Europe. The first single is also called "Ooh La La" and that is released a couple of weeks prior. The band describes the single as "sulky" and "sexy" - sounds like Allison and Will are moving into uncharted territory. In all seriousnness, those words might be the only common denominator between the icy Felt Mountain and the electrodisco of Black Cherry. No matter, I'll be first on line dressed as a half man, half wolf to buy the album.

2) Bits of Tosca's J.A.C. are available for stream here. The name of the album comes from the first names of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber's sons - Joseph, Arthur and Conrad. The album comes out in June in Europe - no idea about here. It sounds like Tosca - dubalicious, a little jazzy, and a little housey.

3) Billy Corgan has announced NYC dates (if you read Pitchfork, you saw this too). Two nights at Webster Hall - June 27 and 28. I dunno - before Zwan, I would have done this in a second. After seeing over and hour and a half of Zwan (a band with one album) and no Pumpkins played, I left that show about as disappointed as I have ever left a concert. I am hoping that perhaps in light of how Billy is starting to shine a light on his past with his very revealing blog on his website, perhaps he will be more comfortable playing Pumpkin songs this time out.

4) One Louder has changed up the look, getting snazzier than ever, and the url, which is now


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