Friday, July 22, 2005


a) I was very upset to read on NME yesterday that Jason Pierce had become seriously ill and had spent time in intensive care. His weight was down to 8 stones (112 pounds!) because of periorbital cellulitis with bilateral pneumonia. A new Spiritualized website was unveiled yesterday, so there is unfortunate timing that the first piece of news that the site had to report was Jason's illness, although I have to say it looks pretty slick and the pharmacy motif is very par for the course. My thoughts are with Jason as he recovers and hope that he comes back stronger than ever (and that he is able to tour in support of the new album that is expected to be released next year). There are several Spritualized lyrics that would have been too appropriate for the title of this post, but didn't seem quite right to do that...

b) I love
Oddjack's irreverence, and it's even better when applied to cool stuff. Cool stuff includes USA being ranked higher than England in the world soccer rankings and I guess it also includes changes in the odds of the "hipster horserace" known as the Mercury Prize (don't know how hipster it was when Gomez won, beating Massive Attack's Mezzanine and Pulp's This is Hardcore - I really like Gomez and Liquid Skin, but that was not the hipster selection) .


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