Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Chems in Central Park / Live 8

1) The rumored Chemical Brothers' show in Central Park has been confirmed. The line up is essentially what was rumored as well. Tickets are on sale at the Ultra New York website. This will provide a very nice note to end the summer on. While the DJs spinning that day (Jokenfold, Erick Morillo, Danny Tenaglia, and Timo Maas) wouldn't be as exciting as 2manydjs or Erol Alkan, I am not complaining, as I imagine some decent house will be played. Including the scrubs that are also supposed to play that day (yeah, a jerky comment - but I have never seen them spin, so they can't possibly be good!), there are 7 DJs plus the Chems' performing, with more to be announced - how is everyone going to play anything more than 30 minutes if they only have one stage? Perhaps there will be a couple of tents, which could be interesting.

I am a bit torn on how successful I want this event to be. On one hand, if they sell out (as the website promises), that could lead to other similar events in Central Park, which certainly would be a lot of fun. I also llike to see the Chems be successful in the States. However, my big fear is that this is the kind of event that is ripe for an awful crowd that would be the type of characters you might see at Crobar on a Friday night.

Tickets are 50 bucks during the "presale" (which appears to mean a certain number of alloted tickets rather than a specific time period) and go up to 60 once they are on sale proper - pricey, so buy your duckets soon, kids!

2) I watched a bunch of Live 8 on Saturday. Like everyone else, I found MTV/VH-1's coverage to border on the offensive. Who the hell cares what your idiot C grade hosts have to say about Pink Floyd? Fading out during "Comfortably Numb" was such a foolish call that it was funny. Fortunately, I discovered AOL's very commendable coverage on the internet. Any of the myriad concerts from around the world was available to watch live, and without any technical interruptions. I loved Floyd - and I thought that David Gilmour's voice sounded good (Rajeev and I argued the merits of his voice vs. Roger Waters on and off for much of the weekend). The Who rocked. Richard Ashcroft's performance of "Bittersweet Symphony" with Coldplay was tolerable - mainly because it was fun to watch shoeless Mad Richard strut onto the stage carrying his boots. Macca's Beatles set at the end of the show was enjoyable. Peephole was instantly smitten (and I imagine Frauds was too) when we watched Robbie Williams belt out "Angels" during a re-webcast of the London concert.

Why on earth wasn't Rush on the virtually all-Canadian Toronto show?

Perhaps I am getting old, but I surprised myself this weekend while watching this rediculous epic concert and instead of being snarky and cynical about it, I was just happy to see the classic rockers.


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