Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Supernature/"Ooh La La"

The first single off Supernature,the new Goldfrapp album, "Ooh La La," can be streamed on their website now (as well as excerpts of all tracks on the album). Shockingly, despite the office firewall's best efforts, I was able to watch the video at work. First impression: the song is itself is fairly close in style of Black Cherry - starting with the dirty synths of "Train" while adding a stomping, more uptempo beat. I dig it and, like the singles off Black Cherry, I imagine it will continue to push Goldfrapp towards the top of the club charts. The video is quite interesting - riffing off of the green background and reel to reel tape motif of the single's artwork - it's basically a performance by an androgynous/mixed gender glam band (although, were there keytars in the days of glam?) with a bellbottom-clad Allison vamping it up as the group's frontwoman. I doubt this is the real Goldfrapp touring band as I can't imagine any of them putting on the lederhosen and playing the violin on the Felt Mountain songs. Aside from the bellbottoms, the video gets more disco than disco when Allison rides across the sky on a discoball horse!

The artwork for Supernature is on the site here. A tasteful photo of Allison in her birthday suit. There is something a bit mysterious about the bit that obstructs her breast - doesn't it look a little odd the way it has that cut-out? It's pretty racy cover art, but why not? Everything about Goldfrapp's music smacks of sex and she is a foxy chameleon whose look as always tastefully paralleled the music.

Unfortunately, according to Arjan, the US release of Supernature has been pushed back to February so Allison and Will can promote the album in the US simultaneous to its release. This is annoying, but at least this means there should be a NYC show in the new year (2006!).

Never could I have imagined when I got Felt Mountain that Goldfrapp would go on to become purveyors of electro-disco. It's been a fascinating metamorphosis as I have found their more club-friendly music just as good as their icier downtempo homages to Bavaria and old soundtracks. Of course, it's not like the sound of Felt Mountain was abandoned, just that the singles now tend to be much punchier songs, outside of "Black Cherry" (and I imagine at least one single off of Supernature). I suppose the common denominator in all of Goldfrapp's music is that it's sexy. At any rate, this album ranks up there perhaps just short of the Super Furry Animals' Love Kraft as my most anticipated albums left to come out this year, although now it's going to be a 2006 release for here (I doubt I will hold out that long and I will get a copy in the fall)


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